Sunday, August 1, 2010

Developing a Personal Plan for Success as an Artist

I was rummaging around in my little studio at home and came across a chart I had saved from the Art Calendar magazine back in 2006.  I hadn't looked at it since. But reading it again today, it dawned on me that this may help me develop a way of using my time off from making art. 

The following chart summarizes a possible road map. I put a line through the things I have accomplished.  The author has developed "7 Goal Categories": 

#1: Solo exhibitions and showing in museums, 
#2: Setting Prices for one's work,
#3: Print media and image marketing,
#4: Teaching,
#5: Documenting yourself and your work, 
#6: Selling at Festivals and
#7: Exhibits and judging.

I put a line through the areas I had completed. As you can see I have nothing to show for Categories 3 and 6, but I'm not sure I am interested in pursuing all the goals.  I'll have to think on it............any suggestions out there?