Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is a site section and what is its purpose?

In architectural drawing a section is a vertical slice through the building and its surroundings.

Example by Matt Doyle

The section is a fundamental way of explaining vertical relationships between floor levels, the building and how it relates to its earthly environment, and probably most people can interact with each other and the architectural space that we architects create.

In some of my work the ground line or section through the earth is important. It oftentimes serves as the compositional "anchor". It helps the composition to feel weighed or well grounded. is serves as an opportunity for artistic exploration. I can interpret this surface in so many ways. It can be an interesting shape with many layers of color, subtle lines and abstract shapes.

Here is an example of how I have used the site section in my work:

Okay so why is this question important to me at this point? In my next post I'll talk about the process of constructing the site section in the quilt I am currently working on.................

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  1. Wonderful work...your work reminds me of another fiber artist friend of mine here in California, Merlin Serlin...she has an architect background and it shows in her finished work. Louise Schiele, Sacramento, Ca