Friday, June 14, 2013

Immersed in the Making Process of Creativity

It was one of those rare days in 
studio when you think it's all clicking... When one "knows" what an artwork "needs"...

Thursday, June 13, 2013


A site plan inspired piece now moves towards having dual readings. 
It's part of my idea about creating  "complex compositions" inspired by architectural drawings sometimes called composite drawings. This is my idiosyncratic pint of view.
My goal is merge a site section with a site plan. What on the earth's surface informs the "space" beneath. More about this later....

Been wrestling with this  piece since my summer break began. I almost tossed it. * sigh*

So here is a glimpse into how I work.... Moving toward resolution 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Make mistakes faster

Sometimes a piece will reveal itself, become clearer and even get better through perseverance AND MAKING MISTAKES FASTER! Then again sometimes not! 

After sitting through a jury selection process today ( I was NOT selected, yay!)......I went to the studio to work on a piece I had been struggling with since the beginning of summer break.  While waiting to see if I'd have to be a juror I mulled over what the next step should be. And... after doing some sketches, I had a better sense of what I should do! 

I love those moments, don't you? A few massages later my eyes this quilt has become what "it" needed to be. 

Soooo– let's hope that I feel this way tomorrow. Going to give it that "first glance-- gut feeling" test tomorrow. Putting it out of mind for now.....

Monday, June 3, 2013

".......your book is brilliant! " says artist Mary C. Nasser

Quilt Artist Mary C. Nasser is a painter and art educator living in the  St. Louis Area, where I spent almost 6 years following graduate school. 

She and I share something else-- an affinity for maps as design inspiration for our work. Below you will see one of her beautiful art pieces called: "Cook Lake" done using prisma color pencil and acrylic on paper. You will find it in her Etsy shop.

Last week she received an advance copy of my book Art Quilt Maps from my publisher. Hope you will take a few moments to read her review on her blog at:

Art Quilt Maps will be released September 2013, and is available for preorder on Amazon!