Monday, June 10, 2013

Make mistakes faster

Sometimes a piece will reveal itself, become clearer and even get better through perseverance AND MAKING MISTAKES FASTER! Then again sometimes not! 

After sitting through a jury selection process today ( I was NOT selected, yay!)......I went to the studio to work on a piece I had been struggling with since the beginning of summer break.  While waiting to see if I'd have to be a juror I mulled over what the next step should be. And... after doing some sketches, I had a better sense of what I should do! 

I love those moments, don't you? A few massages later my eyes this quilt has become what "it" needed to be. 

Soooo– let's hope that I feel this way tomorrow. Going to give it that "first glance-- gut feeling" test tomorrow. Putting it out of mind for now.....

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