Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Site Contours -- Part 1

What are site contours? When looking at a site map of a piece of property, oftentimes one will see a series of rather wavy lines. Each line represents an incremental change in height across the surface of the land.

Okay....so why is this important?

In this particular quilt, the site contours are a key aspect of the design. The client's property includes a dramatic slope towards Seneca Lake -- absolutely beautiful....that is why the contours are so important.

For each contour, I used a gradation of color from white to yellow to green. I organized several bundles of fabric to correspond to each contour.

Each contour is then cut from the fabric template. I sew strips of fabric onto the contour template using a sew and flip process. No more words now -- I hope that the following slide show is more helpful:

One contour started, now 13 more to go....I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Terrific. What a fantastic way to piece. A adore each of your architectural pieces. You have inspired me. Thank you for sharing.