Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The last 1% can take longer than the previous 99%......

Worked on squaring up Panel #3



  1. very interisting work !!!!
    I like it !!!!

  2. looks very interesting,I wil follow this work, very nice

  3. Valerie - I absolutely adore your work and I very much appreciate your generosity to share the process of creating with us. Thank you.

    May I ask you one more thing, please? Are you leaving the raw edges of the fabric open and sew the layers of fabric together with a simple straight stitch? No turned-under seam allowances as we find them in the classic-style appliquè? (I know you delivered detail pictures but the shortsighted me can only guess...)

    Thank you very much and I keep my fingers crossed for the one last percent. Looking forward to the finished piece!

    Love, Susanne

  4. Sorry, I just noticed your question. I mostly use raw edge applique. I fuse each piece down, then free motion sew around all the edges.

    Hope this helps.