Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Map Haiku

far above the field

the elegant lines converse

on the earth's patchwork

Last week I made a few classroom samples of our next project for my architecture students.

The goal was to create a simple understated map of an imaginary place that captured the feeling the haiku you see above.

I'll post some of the student work soon.


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  2. This is beautiful. I am able to identify the characters so their hierarchy changes constantly in observation. At one moment the characters are bold having their own meaning adorned with the surrounding composition. Soon thereafter they digress into functional space between the sections of the greater work escorting the eyes as they navigate the piece. If it were possible, maybe I’ve been looking at it too long. Nevertheless I find it clever and highly enjoyable to behold. Thanks for your dedication to such a wonderful art form.

  3. Wish I could take your class. It looks like fun.

  4. Wow.....these pieces are so inspiring; you must be a wonderful teacher!! Like Lisa above, I'd like to take your class too! Thanks for posting these.....