Friday, March 19, 2010

Doing "the work", Despite Obstacles

Since I learned I had torn rotary cups on my shoulders, I've had to adjust how long I can work in the studio and the size of the artwork I can do.

I've been working hard, but in spurts and....focusing on the creating small zen-like map constructions (see above and below).

It has helped me to think differently about the process. As a result I've been enjoying the challenge of:

1. creating quick little compositions,
2. working in a series, and
3. creating work that has a sense of calm and simplicity.

This afternoon I spent 2 hours in the studio, right after teaching architecture studio. Quite unexpectedly I look around my space and I see the fruits of my labor.....kind of satisfying to behold (at least for me):


  1. You are a wise woman. Taking hold of a situation and making the most of it. Love the small pieces.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    These small pieces are lovely. I look forward to seeing the new direction of your work. It seems you are making the best of it.

    All the best, Tracy