Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maze vs. Labyrinth

[Images: From "Labyrinths, Mazes and the Spaces Inbetween" by Sam McElhinney].

I love mazes and labyrinths!

Here is a link to a post about a study by architecture student and researcher Sam McElhinney on mazes and labyrinths and how they may impact architectural and urban design.

Fascinating, a little dense but the gist of the proposition is that mazes have branches and dead-ends designed for confusion. The labyrinth has paths that twist and turn, but still stay consistent --- therefore yielding a more pleasant experience.

The site has many beautiful images of both.......enjoy:

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  1. Please research into the labyrinth as I did. It is as Satanic as any other piece of witchcraft. For the Truth about Labyrinths get a copy of the "Researching the Labyrinth" DVD