Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time Off from My Creative Life can still be Productive

New Postcards -- Trying New Marketing Strategies
While on hiatus from teaching and my art studio work I have decided to focus on marketing the fiber artist side of my life.  So with use of my right arm, right hand and a pitiful use of my left hand - I designed two postcards. I plan to do a small mailing local campaign. My goal is get some interest in commissions from local architectural firms, interior designers, developers, and various potential private patrons.  With the slow economy and the old catch twenty-two, my expectations are kind of low.....but it is still a good move on my part.
Here are the postcards. I wanted to use images of work that might be of  local interest.


  1. VERY! Interesting

    Thanks for sharing this idea

  2. Nice work--good luck. What do you say on the back--that's where I always have problems.

  3. Thanks Diane and Anne! Anne I just posted the back of the card. If you have comments I'd love to hear them.


  4. Beautiful! I'd hire you in a heartbeat! Hope that shoulder is coming along nicely.

  5. They are stunning! I hope they bring you an abundance of work.