Friday, August 27, 2010


I have not consciously used the left side of my brain in planning out what I want to achieve as an artist. So...this is definitely a new activity for me. Perhaps it has to do with the recession, I think a lot of people are being more serious about turning their avocation into a vocation

I finally took the time to write out where I wanted to be in 2011, 2012, and 2013. We'll see if this helps to make things happen.  I certainly hope to see if there is cause and effect in terms of  planning and achieving one's aims.....

Take a minute, click on the chart below.......any comments?

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  1. Valerie, I too, have been rethinking my goals. Specifically as how they relate to the quilter (teaching/publishing) market vs. the art (sales) market. I find that different approaches are needed for each, so I need to prioritize those goals and spend my time accordingly.

    I read a very good book about goal setting several years ago. It said that goals should be broken down to the level at which you have control over them. So, if your goal is to get into big shows, the controllable items are doing the work and sending in the entries. You can set goals for yourself about how many shows you enter, etc. Getting in will be somewhat out of your control, but your own efforts are very trackable. I think that's an important distinction.