Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creative Force 2010

I was proud to learn that my quilt City Grid V was among the works of art chosen for Creative Force 2010. This exhibit showcases the art work created by artists that are members of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA).

A list of chosen artists follows:

Abrams Linda
Allen Pamela

Attinger Geneviève
Baker Roberta
Barton Elizabeth
Bornemisza Eszter
Brewster Eliza
Brown Peggy
Chung Paula
Davies Fenella
de Vos Ruth .
Errea Grace
Gilbert Monique
Goodwin Valerie
Harwell Ann
Hawkins Patty
Helmericks-Louder Annie
Herman Jean
Jenison Leslie Tucker
Kovarik Paula
Kroth Pat
Krueger Susan
Larzelere Judith
McKie Barbara
McQuaid Salli
Nash Dominie
Nida Kathy
Pasquini Masopust
Pauly Pat
Pet-Jacobs Mirjam
Pfaff Julia
Pressma C.J
Randol Melody
Sargeant Dinah
Smith Lura Schwarz
Spiegel Virginia
Stuart-Head Averill
Timm Catherine
Tunnell Karen
Valya Valya C
Watler Barbara
Williamson Marianne
Willoughby Scott Jayne
Woock Sandra Blue
Wright Diane


  1. Me too! I was thrilled to be juried in...and in such company! I was so excited that I made hotel reservations to see the exhibit when it debuts in Houston. Want to rendezvous?

  2. Congratulations!! Wishing you a successful show :).
    Stay inspired!