Sunday, May 16, 2010

Map Haiku Workshop - Visions Art Gallery

The Visions Art Gallery, beautiful San Diego and the wonderful, creative women that attended my "Map Haiku" workshop......these were the ingredients for a memorable times! And to top it off I got to spend time with my dear college friend Gwen!

The exhibit entitled "3 Voices" was
excellent. The work of my fellow artists Katherine Allen and Kent Williams was stunning. Each of us had a room of our own and the Visions staff did a great job of promoting and creating an engaging atmosphere for the opening. It was held in conjunction with the 1st Friday art events taking place on the same night.

My workshop was held the next day. Everyone had the challenge of creating a mixed media map of an imaginary place. The inspiration was haiku especially written to conjure up poetic images of a place seen from above.

When I returned home I heard from Jo and Suanne who were kind enough to provide feedback on their experience with the class. As you can see they both chose the same haiku as inspiration.

"Valerie, wanted to thank you for a wonderful class at Visions last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I will keep track of your class schedule and hope to take a longer class someday. Here is my finished Map Haiku."

tracings on the land /

grace monochromatic spaces /

and serene dark places.

And I heard from part Suanne as well:


I had a wonderful time in your class and learned so much. I have a much better

understanding of using paint on quilts without feeling I have to paint the whole


Attached is a finished picture of my quilt. I plan to name it "Haiku Harmony"

and mention on the back how 3 of your Haiku's inspired the quilt.

It was a joy to learn from you and I am inspired by your work."

tracings on the land /

grace monochromatic spaces /

and serene dark places.

I will post more images of work done by other students later this week..................

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  1. the participant's pieces are exquisite...i hope one day i'll have the opportunity to take a workshop with you!