Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 2 -- Laser Cutting Residency

I spent the morning preparing my illustrator files that I had transferred from AutoCAD. Then I prepared the fabrics that I was going to use....ironing 6 sheets of 24" x 36" fabric. I chose cotton organdy for the large lines and shapes. Silk screen fabric was selected for the fine lines. My previous testing indicated that this particular fabric would not fray and I was concerned about that for the filagree -type lines. I spent some time patiently applying Misty fuse across the surface of each piece.

I did this all in preparation to start my quilt about Central Park and Seneca Village in New York City. This afternoon I laser cut the street grid around Central Park as well as the major and minor pathways throughout it. 

Here is a link that describes the displacement of a strong and viable African-American community to build Central Park:

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