Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Residency Post -- Prep for Day 2

During day 1, I spent most of my time just settling in. In addition I did some pre-  testing in preparation for what I'll be working on tomorrow ( Day 2)

Tomorrow (Day 2) should be a busy day. Plenty of trial and error! I will be conducting the first round of laser cut tests on about 25, 4" x 6" fabrics with a crisp hand. Fabrics Include linen, cotton, silk organdza, crinolin, buckram, and polyester.

Today I spent time preparing the research matrix. It will include information such as the power, frequency, speed, time, etc. of the laser. I will be using a Epilog laser cutter that has a 24" x 36" bed. 

I want to document how well the machine cuts obtuse and acute angles as well as straight and curved lines. In addition to actually cutting the fabric-- I will be doing some testing on engraving the fabric. Yes, engraving fabric, how splendid is that!

Below is a drawing that I prepared in AutoCAD and then translated it in to Adobe Illustrator. The Turquoise lines represent cuts through the fabric  and the red lines represent engraved lines. This particular laser cutter interfaces with vector-based files. As you will see in subsequent blog posts I will be creating a kind if "lace". 


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